The Power of Masterminding – Masterminding on a road trip!

The Power of Masterminding

IMG_0295My sister Jeanne Melanson and I have just spent the last 3 weeks in a fun filled mastermind session.

Our meeting was not the conventional type of meeting where we would sit around a conference table for hours at a time, but it took place on the road over 7000KMs (about 4300 Miles), in a small car, with a constant supply of coffee and fruit smoothies.

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Don’t Be A Wussy Event in Denver Colorado.

Cristina Munoz, michael melanson, empower network

Cristina Munos in Denver

Our initial purpose of this road trip was to get to the Empower Network event in Denver, CO.  We thought it would be fun to incorporate this with a little road trip to see different parts of the USA.

We would plan our days so that we would be able to mastermind, while on the road, and have internet café breaks along the way where we could do an hour of two of one line work as we progress across the country.

This was also a great way to see some cities along the way, catch a few sites, and sleep in the great outdoors.

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Masterminding with Jeanne and Michael

We spent our time in the car listening to inspirational audios, and then discussing them.  We masterminded about different marketing techniques, and how we can improve our respectful businesses.

We are also excited about the new things that are coming up around Empower Network, and within out team, The Prosperity Team.

Empower Network will be releasing ENv2 in September 2013, and it is proving to be quite the buzz.  This will truly change the way online marketing is done. This will change the way Blogging is done, and we will also be provided with a mobile app for all platforms. This is really exciting news!!

Masterminding on a road trip!

Before we left the Denver event, Jeanne and I met with some of our closest friends within Empower Network, and we have formed an extended mastermind group. We we can really brainstorm, and learn from each others strengths.

The great thing about this kind of business is that we all have our strengths, and so we can rely on others to help us.  If we wait until we understand everything perfectly, we will never really get started in out business.  With Empower Network, it really is an Earn as you learn system.

Having teamed up with other members like we did in Denver will really drive our personal businesses to a new level.

Earn as you learn system:

We really want to help people build a successful home based business.  Our goal is to make as many people as possible have the freedom and success they are looking for.  We have the method that can get you making more money working less hours.  Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Time Freedom, Financial Freedom.

I love to travel.  I love to see the world, and my goal is to see as much of it as possible.  I will be spending a part of my winter this year in China.  I Have a few other destinations after that.  But I can only do this thanks to internet marketing and Empower Network.

What are your DREAMS MADE OF? What do you dream of?  Is it travel? Is it building a bigger house? Or just having more time with your family?

from an early age we are discouraged from dreaming.  But YOU can bring your dreams back to life again.

Ask Me How..

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Pizza Boy Millionaire



13 thoughts on “The Power of Masterminding – Masterminding on a road trip!

  1. The Power of Masterminding – Masterminding on a road trip! – Great blog post Michael. Love the relationship that you and Jeanne have… Not sure I could have spent that long in a car with my sister.. LOL.. So thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you both in Denver. So glad to have you both on our masterminding team. Can’t wait to read your next post…

    • Thanks Vince – It was great to see you too at the event, and with Mary, we have established a strong mastermind foundation.

      Catch ya up on stage next time!!
      GO GO GO !!!

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